CHILD CUSTODY Evaluator & Expert Consultant 

Christy Bradshaw Schmidt, MA, LPC

Associations and Volunteer Efforts

Christy Bradshaw Schmidt, MA, LPC, is a member of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC), and she has presented at a number of conferences for both mental health professionals and family law attorneys.  Ms Bradshaw Schmidt has also worked extensively in the development of legislation specifically regarding Child Custody Evaluations and Parenting Coordination/Parenting Facilitation, and she has testified in Austin on more than one occasion to support the passage of necessary and beneficial legislation for the families of Texas.

Ms Bradshaw Schmidt is also a certified mediator in the arena of family and divorce, as well as CPS-related mediations, and she is an active member of the Family Law Foundation where she is the current mental health liaison. 

Licensed Professional Counselor



Ms Bradshaw Schmidt has been a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Texas since 1997, License Number 14323.  Following a six year career at Dallas County Family Court Services as a Family Court Counselor, Ms Bradshaw Schmidt has been self-employed full-time since 2006, specializing in the field of contested custody evaluations for Collin, Dallas, Denton, and surrounding counties.

Christy Bradshaw Schmidt, MA, LPC is well-known for her exhaustive and thorough evaluations of families having completed over five hundred and fifty evaluations to date, and she consistently provides detailed recommendations in the hopes of assisting high conflict families in resolving their disputes and learning to reorganize their home environments after a difficult divorce.  In addition, Ms Bradshaw Schmidt is available as an expert consultant to attorneys to assist in a number of different capacities, which includes but is not limited to providing expert testimony regarding issues within the field of family law,  review of other expert’s material, development of appropriate parenting plans, and client preparation.

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